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Engine Rebuilds

We are your experts in both domestic and import vehicle remanufactured engines, including short block motors, big block motors, and long blocks with heads.

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Cylinder Heads

We offer a full line of services for remanufactured cylinder heads. We do it all: inspection, resurfacing, replacement, sealing, & preventative maintenance.

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Machine Shop 

Our premium machine shop services include: wash and magnaflux, pressure test, freeze plug installation, cam bearing installation, connecting rod, re-sizing, and more!

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Remanufactured engines offer the same quality as a new engine at a fraction of the cost.

Remanufactured Engines & Rebuilt Engines get better gas mileage than a worn engine and emit fewer pollutants. Engine Repowering also saves the tremendous amount of energy used in processing discarded engines and vehicles, as well as conserving energy and resources required to manufacture new engines.


Another benefit of rebuilding engines is the fact that they are now able to meet the latest original equipment manufacturer (OEM) specifications. With improvements in OEM specifications different from the original, your engine has a good chance of running smoother and more efficiently than before.

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Engine Inspection

We offer a complete diagnostic engine inspection of all major and minor engine Parts.


Bolt Holes



Valve Seats








Timing Gear & Chains




Complete Engine Parts Inspection

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New Engine Parts

All new engine parts are precision machined, honed, & polished to exact tolerances.


Piston rings

Piston pin bushings

Main bearings

Camshaft (New or Reground)

Camshaft bearings

Main bearings

Rod bearings

Rear main seal

Timing gear and chain


Valve springs


Valve seals

Valve guides

Cylinder head gaskets

Oil pan gaskets

Timing gear cover gaskets

Oil galley plugs

Freeze plugs

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Engine Rebuilds

We offer remanufactured engines for domestic & import vehicles, short blocks & long blocks with heads.

Engine Blocks Cleaned

Engine Rods Cleaned

Engine Crankshafts Cleaned

Engine Cams Cleaned

Oven Bake Engine Blocks

Jet Wash Engine Blocks

Tap & Clean All Engine Bolt Holes

Magniflux Engine Blocks

Decking Engine Blocks

Bore Engine Cylinders

Hone Engine Cylinders

Oven Bake Engine Heads

Magniflux Engine Heads

Resurface Engine Heads

Regrind Engine Valve Seats

Grind Engine Valves

Grind & Polish Engine Crankshafts

Grind & Polish Engine Cams

Clean, Grind, & Inspect Engine Rods

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Cylinder Head Inspection

Complete Diagnostic Inspection of Cylinder Heads

Cylinder Heads Completely Disassembled & All Components Inspected

Magnafluxing to Check for Cracks

Checked for Straightness

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Remanufactured Parts

All Engine Parts are precision machined, honed, & polished.

Baked & Pressure Blasted

Valve Seats Resurfaced

Valve Insert Replacement

3-Angle Valve Jobs

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Premium Cylinder Heads

All heads are remanufactured to factory specifications.

Vacuum-Tested for Valve & Surface Sealing

Protected with Rust Preventative

Baked to Maintain Cleanliness

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Crankshaft Inspection

Complete Diagnostic Inspection of Crankshafts.

man holding a crankshaft

Crankshafts Inspected for Damage

Straightness Checked

All Critical Bearing Sizes & Finishes Inspected

Parts Remanufactured

All Crankshafts are precision machined, honed, & polished.

Special Offer!

Crankshaft Grinding


Rotating & Assembly
Balancing Available
No Appointment Necessary

Baked & Jet Washed

Journals Welded (If Required)

All Journals Reground to a Standard Undersize

Using Berco Crankshaft Grinder

Oil Holes Chamfered & Brushed

Journals are Micro-Polished to RA Specifications

Rust Preventative Applied to Crankshafts

Crankshaft Kits

Premium Crankshaft Kits for sale

Crankshaft Kits Include:

Reground & Micro-Finished Crankshaft

Rod Bearings

Main Bearings